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"Why the world loves the South Carolina primaries"


The Washington Post

February 24, 2016

On February 23rd, The Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker published "Why the world loves the South Carolina primaries."

Parker began by noting that "a variety of foreign dignitaries have visited the state to catch the spectacle. Ahem, I mean to observe the political process."

Her reporting on South Carolina's prominent role in the United State's electoral process, Parker noted that Nexsen Pruet employment and labor law attorney Sara Svedberg hosted members of the Swedish Constitutional Committee in Columbia during the primary.

"In yet another connection, the Nexsen Pruet law firm is home to a Swedish lawyer and, thus, hosted a delegation of about 15 Swedish embassy, consulate and elected officials for two days last week. Most interesting to the delegates, as recounted to me, was a meeting with state Democratic Rep. Russell Ott, who played a key role in the process leading up to removal of the Confederate battle flag from the State House grounds. Many of us share that fascination."

Parker's complete column from The Washington Post.

Sara Svedberg is an employment and labor law attorney in Columbia who advises businesses on matters including ADA, ADEA, FLSA, FMLA, and Title VII compliance. Before law school, She was the business editor at The State newspaper in Columbia.