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"Thank you Judge Wilkins"

McConnell letter to the editor

The Greenville News

February 3, 2010

S.C. Senate President Pro Tempore Senator Glenn McConnell authored a letter to the editor in the February 3rd, 2010 edition of The Greenville News.   The letter is entitled "Thank You Judge Wilkins.”

It is about the role Nexsen Pruet attorney, and former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, Billy Wilkins played in negotiating the deal that is bringing Boeing to North Charleston.  Senator McConnell’s letter begins “In the South, we are known for our manners and our civility. Part of good manners is knowing when and how to say thank you.”

Sen. McConnell continues:

“Singlehandedly, he made the calls that kept this project alive by using his friendships with Boeing executives as well as his personal knowledge of our state’s political structure and its leaders….  Judge Wilkins would be content remaining anonymous and letting his work go unnoticed.  He would say that our state’s victory was enough for him….  He deserves to be thanked, and we are too well-mannered not to say, ‘Thank you Judge Wilkins for a job well done.’”


Wilkins and other members of the firm's Economic Development team negotiated the incentives package for Boeing that was approved by the South Carolina legislature.