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“Raleigh law firms beefing up economic development teams”

Triangle Business Journal

January 21, 2014

On January 17, The Triangle Business Journal reported  “Raleigh law firms beefing up economic development teams.” The paper called on Nexsen Pruet attorney Ernie Pearson for insight into how economic development work has changed over the years.

An excerpt:

“You need to be able to move like a business,” Pearson says.


He gave an example from a proposal he made in 1990 recommending the state open a corporate recruiting office in California.


“Back then, the business climate in California was so bad, we needed to have an office there,” he recalls. “But first we had to get through to the governor, and then we had to get legislative approval. It finally happened in 1994, but we had missed the curve. The opportunities to recruit companies from California had lessened."


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Ernie Pearson is the former Assistant Secretary for Economic Development in North Carolina. His previous work in a broad range of legal disciplines includes corporate, real estate, employment and labor law, environmental, litigation and regulatory matters.  This broad experience coupled with his focused experience in economic development matters allows him to understand and coordinate all legal issues connected with a company’s siting of a new or expanded facility, and to provide continuing assistance to a company on legal matters after a new site is chosen.