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"Raleigh detergent maker sues competitor in federal court, alleges patent infringement"

September 21, 2016

Triangle Business Journal called on Nexsen Pruet Trademark Specialist Sarah Nagae for insight into a federal suit in Raleigh this month, centered on automatic dishwasher detergent. The article covers Raleigh-based Greenology's allegations of patent infringement and their suit against HealthPro Brands of Ohio.

An excerpt: 

"Sarah Nagae, a Raleigh trademark attorney at Nexsen Pruet who is not connected to the case, explains that patents are tricky. In order to receive exclusive rights to a formulation, a company lists its components publicly. 

“I’m not sure how close you could get to their actual formula with that list … but they seem to think that this other company has come too close,” she says of the suit. And Nagae says that if a company errantly identifies itself as the first to reach a certification, it’s surprising. “That’s an easily researched fact,” she says."

Read the full article from Triangle Business Journal.

Greenology is seeking a jury trial to prevent HealthPro from further acts of infringement, along with allegations of false advertising. The false advertising allegations arise from HealthPro's claims that their product was the first of its category to be certified organic; Greenology asserts their detergent was certified first.

Sarah Nagae focuses on trademark and copyright law, helping clients protect their business names, brand names, logos, artistic works and other forms of intellectual property. In 2013, Sarah was among the first to become a Board Certified Specialist in Trademark Law in North Carolina.