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"Nexsen Pruet Selects Iris Arc for E-Discovery, Document Review"

Legaltech News

September 15, 2015

Nexsen Pruet's Director of eDiscovery and ESI Services Gray Wallington spoke with LegalTech News about the firm's new e-discovery deal with Iris Data Services.

Ed Silverstein wrote about the development on September 8th.  An excerpt:

...the firm was looking for a partner that could provide such offerings as: flexibility, security requirements; data redundancy; tech expertise; externally monitored databases; metrics; invoices; and other features. It also lets the firm access information through a dashboard provided by the ARC environment, and not available elsewhere.

“We have a level of control that we wouldn’t have had with anyone else,” Wallington said. Relativity helps law firms find “hot documents” within large data sets such as a million e-mails, Wallington explained. Because it is web-based, different firm offices can collaborate on discovery as can third parties. It also allows for graphic visualization of data.

Prior to joining Nexsen Pruet, Gray Wallington worked at the U.S. Department of Justice. While there, he managed the Litigation Technology Service Center, which supported U.S. Attorneys’ offices throughout the country, and co-chaired the National Litigation Technology Working Group.