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"Much ado about education standards"

Statehouse Report

March 16, 2015

In a March 16th Statehouse Report news analysis entitled, "Much ado about education standards," Andy Brack reports on the recent SC Board of Education approval of rewritten standards that EOC members say are almost identical to the Common Core standards that already exist.

Brack called on Nexsen Pruet attorney Neil Robinson, former Chairman of the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee, for insight.

An excerpt:

"People also confuse standards with curriculum,” said EOC member and former chairman Neil Robinson of Charleston. “A standard is something we aspire to have a child to learn. [For example], a child should learn before he gets out of kindergarten how to count from 1 to 100.”

He continues:

“To me, it is much ado about nothing. A standard is not just teaching people through rote memorization but we need to teach people how to think for themselves and think critically so they can solve problems.”

Neil Robinson focuses on complex real estate transactions; administrative law, including permitting, zoning and land sales registrations, and development agreements; and industrial, commercial, mixed use, planned community, brownfields, and resort real estate development.