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"Marguerite Willis found new energy in an old adage at DNC"

Florence Morning News

August 7, 2016

Florence Morning News reported on Marguerite Willis' transcendent moment with the "Girl Power" sign at the Democratic National Convention in July.  The New York Times published a photo of the SC Delegate raising the sign amidst celebrations following Hillary Clinton's historic nomination.

Photo by Joshua LLoyd at the Florence Daily NewsPhoto by Joshua Lloyd at the Florence Morning News

From the Florence Morning News:

For Willis, the sign isn’t something that can be forgotten – it’s a part of history. She plans to keep the sign in a safe place for a very particular reason.

 “When Hillary Clinton is elected, not if but when she’s elected, there will eventually be a national library with her name on it,” Willis said. “This belongs in her library.”

For Willis, "Girl Power" celebrates breaking glass ceilings, and the message resonates with the fight for women's rights.

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As the Co-Chair of Nexsen Pruet’s Antitrust and Unfair Competition Practice, Marguerite Willis leads a team of attorneys in developing proactive solutions to help clients achieve business objectives while avoiding issues with federal and state antitrust and trade regulation laws. With a track-record that spans decades, Marguerite has been involved in some of the firm’s biggest verdicts.