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"Lexington Residents Respond to Metts Sentencing"

WLTX News 19

April 28, 2015

Columbia’s News 19 called on Nexsen Pruet’s Mark Moore following the sentencing of former Lexington County Sheriff James Metts.

Metts, who served as sheriff for 42 years, was convicted of conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants and sentenced to one year and one day. Moore, who is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, explained why the prison term was structured in that way.

"If you are sentenced to 12 months and a day, that sentence, because it exceeds 12 months, allows the inmate to qualify for good time credits," Moore said.

"If sheriff Metts behaves in prison, he can earn up to 54 days a year off for good time," Moore said. "So in essence, it means that he's more likely to serve a sentence of about 10 months than 12."

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Mark Moore was a prosecutor in South Carolina for more than twenty-five years, serving an Assistant Solicitor in Charleston before joining the United States Attorney’s Office in Columbia in 1989. As a federal prosecutor, Mark handled thousands of cases, tried more than sixty cases to jury verdict and prosecuted cases in every federal courthouse in this state.