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"Flat earth theory: the future of billing"

South Carolina Lawyers Weekly

April 22, 2015

On April 21st, South Carolina Lawyers Weekly published, "Flat earth theory: the future of billing."  The publication called on Nexsen Pruet Health Care attorney Matthew Roberts to provide insight for the article.

An excerpt:

“I think it’s easier to do fixed fee arrangements with a client that you have a longer relationship with because you have a course of history about what types of projects are coming down the pipe,” said Matthew Roberts, an attorney at Nexsen Pruet in Columbia who represents physicians and hospitals. He estimated that he employs a flat fee in a quarter of his cases.

“You have to be able to have good communication with your client when you enter into a fixed fee arrangement,” he said. “If you don’t the chances that the arrangement could be unfair to one or both sides is going to be increased. I think sometimes lawyers are reluctant to have that kind of transparent dialogue with clients, but you’ve got to do that to make it work.”

Read the full article from South Carolina Lawyers Weekly (subscription required).

Matthew Roberts is Chair of the Firm's Health Care Practice Group, where he assists providers in virtually every aspect of the health care business.