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"Conservative NC lawmaker argues against death penalty"

The News & Observer

September 29, 2015

On September 22, Raleigh's The News & Observer published an article entitled "Conservative NC lawmaker argues against death penalty."

That followed a news conference featuring N.C. State Rep. Jon Hardister, Nebraska Sen. Colby Coash and Nexsen Pruet's Ernie Pearson. The event was organized by N.C. Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty.

An excerpt from Lynn Bonner's report:

Ernie Pearson, a Raleigh lawyer and member of the conservatives group, said he supported the death penalty until about 18 months ago, when he started thinking and praying about it.

“We do not have the right to take away a person’s life if there’s any chance that God can redeem them,” Pearson said. “Mine is a matter of faith. I feel that as a Christian I cannot support the death penalty anymore. I still consider myself a very strong law and order person.”

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Ernest C. Pearson is the 2015 President of the North Carolina Economic Development Association (NCEDA).  His law practice is focused on site selection, incentives and crafting solutions for companies that are expanding or locating new facilities in North Carolina.