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"Charleston-area colleges discuss equal treatment of LGBT employees"

The Post and Courier

November 21, 2013

On November 20th, Charleston’s The Post and Courier reported on how HR managers from The Citadel, College of Charleston and Trident Technical College gathered to "discuss equal treatment of LGBT employees.”  Abigail Darlington wrote that state and federal legislation "has sparked a conversation... about preventing workplace discrimination based on sexual preference and gender identity."

Nexsen Pruet Employment and Labor Law attorney Molly Hughes Cherry was on-hand to provide a legal perspective to these sensitive issues.

An excerpt:

“Regardless of the passage of ENDA, there are laws to be aware of,” she said.


For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects against discrimination based on gender, has also served as a protection for transgender individuals in some cases, Cherry said.


“The important thing is to train your workforce,” she said. “Ensure that employees know the avenues to address their complaints.”


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Molly Hughes Cherry is a Certified Specialist in Employment and Labor Law by the South Carolina Supreme Court.  She regularly advises businesses on litigation related to employee matters.