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(Video)"'Bulldog' federal prosecutor Mark Moore retiring to private sector"


January 6, 2014

On December 23rd, reporter Jody Barr of WIS-TV in Columbia, profiled Nexsen Pruet attorney Mark Moore.  Moore spoke about his career as a Federal Prosecutor in South Carolina and what he hopes he has left behind as he moves to private practice.

An excerpt:

"Moore was known as one of the toughest government prosecutors in the state. Defense attorneys knew facing Moore wouldn't be easy, with many of them describing him as a "bulldog."

"I take  that as a compliment," said Moore. "I think the job of a prosecutor is to be  tough, but fair. I think Justice Jackson said once years ago, 'The job  of a prosecutor is to aggressively prosecute'  The prosecutor's at  liberty to strike hard blows, but always never to strike foul blows."

Moore's handled every type of federal prosecution during his time in the US Attorneys office. From drug cases, to money laundering, to white collar criminals to taking  down some of the state's most corrupt public officials."

 or watch it here. - Columbia, South Carolina