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"Bridging this generation gap takes time, talking"

ABA Journal Magazine

January 7, 2015

The January 2015 edition of the ABA Journal Magazine features an article entitled "Bridging this generation gap takes time, talking."

The goal of writer Susan Berson was to "explore management issues with this demographic - usually defined by birthdates from about 1980 through the mid-'90s...."

Nexsen Pruet member (partner) Marguerite Willis was among the legal veterans who offered words of advice.

An excerpt:

Clients come first.  "The reality is that in a firm workplace, there's an imperative to bring in business.  To make partner, it's not enough to be smart," says Marguerite Willis, co-chair of Nexsen Pruet's antitrust and unfair competition practice in Columbia, South Carolina.  "Sometimes millennials have to learn clients are why we exist, and that involves millennials choosing to change their behaviors to serve them, if necessary."


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Marguerite Willis has represented businesses before federal and state courts and has been involved in some of the firm's biggest verdicts.  She has served as national counsel for a number of cases, including federal and state class actions, and prosecuted major antitrust matters involving a wide range of claims, from unfair practices and false advertising to monopolization and vicarious corporate liability.