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Employment and Labor Law Attorneys Provide Insight into New Overtime Rule

Dubberly and Pierce speak to journalists in North and South Carolina

May 24, 2016

After the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued its final rule on changes to four exemptions to the overtime pay requirement of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), journalists from across the Carolinas called on Nexsen Pruet's Employment and Labor Law Group.

The DOL's May 18 change impacts the executive, administrative, and professional (EAP) exemptions along with the exemption for highly compensated employees.

Analysts worry Department of Labor’s new overtime rule may slow job growth

SC Biz News reporter Melinda Waldrop first called on David Dubberly.  Her article in the Charleston Regional Business Journal was entitled "Analysts worry Department of Labor’s new overtime rule may slow job growth." An excerpt:

“Of course it needed to be raised, because inflation has gone up since then,” said David Dubberly, chair of regional law firm Nexsen Pruet’s employment and labor law group. “The problem is they doubled it. That’s just too dramatic of an increase.”

More from the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Millions of Americans now qualify for overtime pay

Caroline Patrickis from WIS News 10 television also called on Dubberly, who said the change is significant in terms of how it increases payrolls nationwide.  Watch "Millions of Americans now qualify for overtime pay." - Columbia, South Carolina

New overtime rule

FOX8 WGHP television called on Nexsen Pruet attorney Grainger Pierce. Pierce spoke with anchor (and attorney) Julie Grant about what it means for employees and business owners and operators.

67,000 SC Employees Eligible For Overtime

News 19 WLTX reporter Loren Thomas called on Dubberly after speaking with management at a chain of local restaurants.

For more information

Our recent Employment Law Group Update has complete details of the regulatory change that will result in 4.2 million additional workers being eligible for overtime pay.