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"A Patented Process"

"Research, networking crucial for investors seeking a patent"

Columbia Business Monthly - Tech Issue

April 21, 2016

Nexsen Pruet intellectual property attorney Todd Serbin provided insight into patent law in the April 2016 "Tech Issue" edition of Columbia Business Monthly.

In reporting “A Patented Process," Emily Stevenson called on Serbin to help distinguish between types of intellectual property, such as patents and trade secrets.

An excerpt:

"If you do get a patent, you'll have a monopoly for some time, but if you don't get one everyone will know how to make your [invention]. All patents are a bargain between the government...a 20-year monopoly in exchange for that inventor giving that invention to the public when the monopoly is over."

Read "A Patented Process" from Columbia Business Monthly.

Todd Serbin's law practice focuses on patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and entertainment law. His international intellectual property experience includes practicing overseas and substantive international filings for the EPO (Europe), the JPO (Japan), CIPO (Canada), and SIPO (China).