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"Voters Are Not As Diverse As People Who Live In America, Data Show"

National Public Radio, "Morning Edition"

November 16, 2016

National Public Radio called on Nexsen Pruet Attorney Ken Lewis for its "A Nation Engaged" on the "Morning Edition" program. On October 13, 2016, Asma Khalid explored "What does it mean to be an American?" in the scope of the 2016 election.

Lewis, an attorney in Nexsen Pruet's Raleigh office, commented on his perception of changes and the potential of the country. 

An excerpt:

KHALID: But for many black and brown Americans, the 1950s was not such a pleasant time for political or personal freedoms. I heard a really interesting solemn reflection of what we're seeing in the country recently from a gentleman I met in North Carolina. His name is Ken Lewis. He's black, a Harvard-educated lawyer....he told me that part of the unrest this campaign season is because America in itself is an experiment.

KEN LEWIS: We're trying to create an America, something that perhaps has never been done before. And that is to have a real democracy in a society that is pluralistic.

KHALID: And, Renee, that line has stuck with me, that, you know, we are trying to create a democracy - a real democracy in a society that is pluralistic. And that there is no model for how to do this.

Read more and listen to the full program from NPR.

Lewis was also part of the conversation on the "All Things Considered" program by NPR, featured August 31 in commentary on the motivation of some black voters. Read that full article here.


Ken Lewis is a business attorney in Raleigh, with nearly three decades of experience in a wide range of corporate, transactional, and securities matters. Lewis represents clients in mergers, acquisitions, and sales of businesses, and in the formation of strategic alliances.