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"Women Rainmakers: Roadmap to Success"


November 21, 2014

Nexsen Pruet's Marguerite Willis was interviewed for a DRI Women in the Law e-book entitled, "Women Rainmakers - Roadmap to Success" published by the Defense Research Institute.

From DRI:

"A publication by women, for women (and men) attorneys of all ages and levels of experience, which provides sage advice related to tried and true methods for making it rain in the legal profession. Women Rainmakers - Roadmap to Success includes insight from interviews with successful women rainmakers and in-house counsel from all over the country on business development topics geared toward today's changing economic environment in the legal profession. The book includes chapters on developing an action plan tailored to the reader's own interests and practice, handling setbacks, and maintaining a book of business. The women featured in this publication have been on the cutting edge of successful rainmaking, making this publication a must read for the legal profession as a whole, as it allows the reader to tap into tried and true business development techniques and successful rainmaking tips for their own legal careers."

The book is available for purchase on DRI's website.

Marguerite Willis develops proactive solutions to help clients achieve business objectives while avoiding issues with federal and state antitrust and trade regulation laws. With a track-record that spans decades, Marguerite has been involved in some of the firm’s biggest verdicts. She has served as national counsel for a number of cases, including federal and state class actions, and prosecuted major antitrust matters involving a wide range of claims, from unfair trade practices and false advertising to monopolization and vicarious corporate liability.