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Weekly Update from the SC State House - May 9, 2014

The House focused much of their time on committee reports while the Senate spent the majority of the week deliberating the budget...

May 9, 2014

Details from Each Chamber



The House worked through the Calendar this week, focusing much of their time on committee reports and resolutions. The House met for a short session on Tuesday, giving second reading to a number of resolutions and non-controversial bills. The committees and subcommittees, per direction of the Speaker, met in the afternoon to address committee legislation.

On Wednesday, the House met briefly to clear the third reading calendar and to accept committee reports.

On Thursday, the House met to receive committee reports, address second reading bills and introduce multiple resolutions. The Speaker reiterated that they have one more week to hold committee and subcommittee meetings.

The House will reconvene Tuesday at noon.

The following bills of interest passed the House this week:

  • S. 908  Risk-based Capital
  • S. 1034 Adopt Code Volumes 5 & 8
  • H. 5054 - 62, 71 Approve BOE Regulations


The Senate spent the majority of the week deliberating the budget. The Senate worked through the uncontested calendar Tuesday, carrying over numerous bills. Deliberations on the budget bill began, with subcommittee reports presented and a number of amendments taken up. Prior to adjournment, Senators took up H. 3893, Common Core, giving the bill a third reading.

Wednesday, after working through the uncontested calendar, the Senate returned to debating the budget bill. Debate continued for several hours on amendment 10, cutting funds for 2 universities because of academic book selections. Several motions to table the amendment failed, and Senator Hutto held the podium to voice his concern for potential damages to universities and to the State. Senator Leatherman moved to give second reading to the bill, with Senator Hutto retaining the floor, carrying over all amendment and points of order for third reading. The motion was adopted.

Thursday, Senators worked quickly through the uncontested calendar in order to take up the Appropriations bill. After lengthy debate, several motions were made to adjourn in the late afternoon, but failed. Senator Leatherman repeated that his goal was to finish the budget this week in order for the House to receive it by next Tuesday. Concerns were voiced that with USC's graduation and Vice President Biden's visit, it would be difficult for the Senate to be in session on Friday. The Senate worked on the budget until 7:30 when they adjourned.

The Senate will reconvene Tuesday at 10:00.

If you have any questions about amendments to the budget - please let us know.

The following bills of interest passed the Senate this week:  

  • H. 3893  Adoption of statewide education standards
  • S. 1089   Sale of State property at Port Royal
  • H. 3098  Rights of long-term care facility residents, notice of relocation and charges
  • H. 3567  The Certificate of Need and Health Facility Licensure Act, to revise the definition of "Children and Adolescents in Need of Mental Health Treatment" in a residential treatment facility
  • S. 1147  Protective proceedings in relation to the estate and affairs of certain persons including minors, persons with mental or physical illness or disability


Newly Introduced Legislation      




Top News Articles of the Week   

The undercover senator: Tim Scott goes anecdote-shopping in South Carolina
There's a new volunteer at the Goodwill clearance center, and there's a lot to learn. Read more.

Legislature proposes S.C. State oversight commission
The S.C. Senate voted Thursday to form an advisory committee that would have the power to oversee the state's only public historically black college, which faces severe budget woes and issues with its accreditation.

South Carolina House advances bill affirming 2012 vote to put candidates for Lt. Gov. and Gov. on same ticket
A House panel has advanced a measure affirming voters' decision to put candidates for governor and lieutenant governor on the same ticket starting in 2018.

Sheheen, GOP senators trade barbs over hacking
Gov. Nikki Haley's Democratic rival called Thursday for the Republican to release details on how a hacker stole millions of taxpayers' information, drawing the ire of state Senate GOP leaders. Read more.

Sheheen: People deserve to see full hacking report
Democratic Sen. Vincent Sheheen tried Thursday to force Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's administration to release the full report on how millions of taxpayers' personal data was stolen in 2012, saying people deserve to know.

Statewide texting ban gains momentum, 'sparkle'
A statewide texting ban is gaining momentum with backing from the S.C. House, some Senate leaders and a bit of political "sparkle" - supplied by S.C. beauty queens. Read more. 

SC Senate rejects putting 4K on surplus list
The South Carolina Senate tentatively approved a budget plan Wednesday that makes kindergarten for 4-year-olds available to thousands of additional poor children.

SC senators spar over gay-themed books
State senators will resume debating Thursday whether to restore money that was cut from two S.C. colleges after the schools assigned freshmen to read gay-themed books. Read more.

House Judiciary OKs ethics reform proposal
A proposal that would transform how ethics cases are initially handled in South Carolina advanced Tuesday with approval from the House Judiciary Committee.

Boeing CEO McNerney to become honorary University of South Carolina alum
Boeing Co. chief Jim McNerney already has earned degrees from Yale and Harvard.

Gowdy's new role: Benghazi prosecutor
Rep. Trey Gowdy's record as a fierce conservative and tenacious interrogator prompted Republican leaders Monday to put him in charge of a new investigation into the 2012 attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Read more. 


Meetings and Events

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5:30       Fundraising Reception for Representative Leon Stavrinakis

                Pearlz Oyster Bar Upstairs

6:00       Fundraising Reception for Senator Marlon Kimpson

               Mamas & Tapas


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

6:00       SC House Republican Caucus Reception 

               Home of Representative Kirkman Finlay

6:00       Fundraising Reception for Senators Karl Allen and Kevin Johnson 

               Inn at USC


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