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VIDEO- Should My Business Claim "Critical Industry" Status?

COVID-19 Live Series

April 2, 2020

Before your company determines it is in an Essential Critical Industry (ECI), think twice. There are already reports of some employers who are abusing the hastily-written descriptions of ECI, falsely claiming to be an ECI, when in fact, they are not. A false claim to being an ECI not only exposes the company’s workers but also their workers’ families (who certainly have at risk people in their households) to risks of contagion that may later be found to be unreasonable risks. While intentions are noble to maintain jobs and the investments of stakeholders, such a decision can have significant consequences. In addition to fines or penalties for violations of such orders, civil liability is another significant concern. 

To learn more, watch Nexsen Pruet's David Garrett and David Robinson weigh the options and discuss the consequences of claiming Essential Critical Industry status below:

Tune in live on Wednesday, April 8th at 9:15 a.m (EST) to see David and David cover small business disaster loans here.

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