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“Top 10 Signs of Union Activity”

Manufacturers Journal

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

May 30, 2014

The following appeared as part of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce's Manufacturers Journal on May 29, 2014.

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On April 1, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce invited top labor lawyers from the Southeast to talk frankly about union activities and their possible impacts on South Carolina’s manufacturing facilities. The forum, held in Greenwood, was well attended and highly regarded. William Floyd, Esq. of Nexsen Pruet shared these Top 10 Signs of Union Activity.

  1. Groups of employees act nervously or stop talking when supervisors approach

  2. Unusual employee questions about wages, fringe benefits and working conditions. Use of union terminology such as “condolence pay” or “seniority” or “grievance”

  3. Terminated employees meeting with your employees after work

  4. Unusual friendliness to management personnel by employees who were previously unfriendly

  5. A employee regularly leaving his work area to talk to employees in other areas

  6. Employees coming on the property early or leaving late or congregating in the parking lot

  7. Union leaflets/authorization cards in trash cans or littering the parking lot

  8. Employee questions about how the company feels about unions

  9. Increased number of complaints or grievances

  10. Increased use of phones, photocopiers or fax machines for personal business

The South Carolina Chamber will continue these union discussions this summer.

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William Floyd helps employers of all sizes and in all industries with important labor and employment problems. He reduces legal risks by conducting interactive training for management teams, creating effective personnel policies, and counseling clients through human resource issues.