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Title IX Update - August 2017

August 1, 2017

Acting Assistant Secretary expresses dissatisfaction with Title IX enforcement.

On July 12, the New York Times published portions of an interview with Candice Jackson, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Office of Civil Rights.  In the interview, Ms. Jackson recited due process concerns presented in feedback that she has received from accused students.  Ms. Jackson clarified her statements after criticism from victim advocate groups.  Assistant Secretary Jackson’s comments were made at a time when the Department of Education appears to be considering further changes to Title IX enforcement protocols. 

Read the article here.  


Secretary DeVos invites Title IX stakeholders to Washington.

On July 13, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos hosted a Title IX summit at the Department of Education to discuss the impact of the Department’s Title IX sexual assault guidance on students, families and institutions.  The Secretary met with stakeholders in three 90-minute roundtable discussions.  The first session included survivors of sexual violence, the second session included students who have been falsely accused and disciplined under Title IX, and the third session included representatives of educational institutions and subject matter experts.

After the summit, Secretary DeVos met with reporters and hinted at changes in Title IX enforcement.  She said that “[t]here has been a lack of clarity” in Title IX laws and “[i]t’s high time for Congress to look at a law that was passed in 1972 and finally speak to them and clarify them.”  Secretary DeVos said “[t]here are some things that are working.  There are many things that are not working well.”


See the announcement here. 

See article here. 

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