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Stay Informed About COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

April 3, 2020

Does your business need help navigating the Coronavirus? Nexsen Pruet has the legal and communications experience to guide you accordingly. 

Please check back frequently as we will update this page with the latest information and insights.

COVID-19 Response Team Leader, David E. Dubberly

Banking & Financial Services

COVID-19 Response Team Members, Brooks F. Bossong; Keith Burns

Business & Economic

COVID-19 Response Team Member, David S. Robinson


COVID-19 Response Team Member, Eric H. Biesecker


COVID-19 Response Team Members, David E. Dubberly (SC); Bridget A. Blinn-Spears (NC)


COVID-19 Response Team Member, Michael Traynham


COVID-19 Response Team Members, Bob Coble (SC); David P. Ferrell (NC)

Health Care

COVID-19 Response Team Members, Darra James ColemanMatthew B. Roberts


COVID-19 Response Team Members, David J. Garrett; David S. Robinson 


COVID-19 Response Team Members, David Black; Cheryl D. Shoun

Real Estate

COVID-19 Response Team Members, Brian T. Pearce (NC); Jim Warren (SC); Jay R. Hoodenpyl (Leasing)


COVID-19 Response Team Members, David M. McCallum; Jim Rourke; and Andrew W. Saleeby


NP Strategy, Nexsen Pruet's communications subsidiary, is ready to help your business communicate internally and externally about the coronavirus. While our attorneys stand ready to advise accordingly, NP Strategy is prepared to help with communication action plans - let us solve your problems together. See our tips below:

5 Tips for Communicating About the Coronavirus

NPcontracts360 provides specially trained professionals to leverage technology, including artificial intelligence, to assist with your contract review needs.

Nextra Solutions
 assists law firms, corporations, and government agencies in managing information, enhancing information technology and mitigating risk. We can help manage your virtual data.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Coronavirus - 2019

World Health Organization   

South Carolina DHEC - Coronavirus 2019 

North Carolina - Coronavirus 2019

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