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SC Public Policy Update - June 17, 2016

June 17, 2016

What's New

Members of the General Assembly returned to Columbia on Wednesday to take up gubernatorial vetoes on H. 5001 (Appropriations Bill) and H. 5002 (Capital Reserve Bill) as well as conference reports on several pending bills. The House and Senate voted to override 34 of the 47 vetoes on H. 5001 and voted to override all 4 vetoes on H. 5002. Legislators also adopted the conference reports on H. 3184 and H. 3186, two ethics reform bills dealing with investigations and income disclosure. The bills have been enrolled for ratification and are waiting to be signed by the Governor.



District 2 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Don Joslyn 11.72%
Larry Martin (i) 45.09%
Allan Quinn 9.89%
Rex F. Rice 33.30%

District 3 – Republican Primary
Kevin Bryant (i) 51.20%
Carol Burdette 48.80%

District 4 – Republican Primary
Rocky Burgess 35.05%
Michael Gambrell (i) 64.95%

District 5 – Republican Primary
Tom Corbin (i) 51.54%
John B. White 48.46%

District 6 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Johnny Edwards 14.19%
Mike Fair (i) 36.30%
William Timmons 49.51%

District 7 – Democratic Primary
Karl B Allen (i) 71.07%
Lillian Flemming 28.93%

District 12 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Lee Bright (i) 37.69%
David McGraw 22.95%
Lisa Scott 12.80%
Scott Talley 26.56%

District 14 – Republican Primary
Harvey Peeler (i) 82.87%
Kenny Price 17.13%

District 15 – Republican Primary
Wes Climer 51.82%
Wes Hayes (i) 48.18%

District 17 – Democratic Primary [Runoff]
Creighton Coleman (i) 49.02%
Mike Fanning 44.68%
Morgan Reeves 6.30%

District 19 – Democratic Primary
Torrey Rush 38.24%
John Scott (i) 61.89%

District 21 – Democratic Primary
Wendy Brawley 38.24%
Darrell Jackson (i) 61.76%

District 23 – Republican Primary
Katrina Shealy (i) 61.89%
Michael Sturkie 29.56%
Patricia Wheat 8.55%

District 25 – Republican Primary
Shane Massey (i) 58.85%
John Pettigrew 41.15%

District 30 – Democratic Primary
Patrick Richardson 20.47%
Kent Williams (i) 79.53%

District 31 – Republican Primary
Dean Fowler 5.09%
Hugh Leatherman (i) 54.23%
Richard Skipper 40.68%
District 33 – Republican Primary
Scott Pyle 44.09%
Luke Rankin (i) 55.91%

District 34 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Reese Boyd 40.83%
Joe Ford 11.24%
Stephen Goldfinch 42.66%
Dick Worthington 5.27%

District 37 – Republican Primary
Larry Grooms (i) 79.47%
Mark Heath 20.53%

District 38 – Republican Primary
Sean Bennett (i) 63.82%
Evan Guthrie 36.18%

District 41 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Culver Kidd 16.41%
Tim Mallard 18.26%
Roy Maybank 23.28%
Joe Qualey 2.30%
Sandy Senn 39.75%

District 42 – Democratic Primary
Robert Ford 21.04%
Marlon Kimpson (i) 78.96%


District 5 – Republican Primary
Neal Collins (i) 58.61%
Rick Tate 41.39%

District 7 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Dennis Grindstaff 13.53%
Blake Parker 40.81%
Jay West 45.67%

District 8 – Republican Primary
Don Bowen 41.03%
Jonathon Hill (i) 51.34%
Albert Howard 7.63%

District 15 –Republican Primary
Samuel Rivers (i) 71.62%
Steven Smith 28.38%

District 22 – Republican Primary
Jason Elliot 58.23%
Wendy Nanney (i) 41.77%

District 31 – Republican Primary
Michael Fowler 58.87%
Richard Gosnell 41.13%

District 37 – Republican Primary
Donna Hicks (i) 34.50%
Steven Long 65.50%

District 38 – Republican Primary
Doug Brannon (i) 42.33%
Josiah Magnuson 57.67%

District 39 – Republican Primary
Cal Forrest 56.83%
Ralph Shealy (i) 43.17%

District 40 – Democratic Primary
Craig Kesler 33.52%
Carlton Kinard 66.48%

District 40 – Republican Primary
David Koon 27.18%
Rick Martin 72.82%

District 42 – Republican Primary
Mark Cathcart 38.58%
Tommy Mann 61.42%

District 50 – Democratic Primary [Runoff]
Brian Alston 16.18%
Crystal Cunningham 6.58%
Tom Drayton 22.09%
Keith Johnson 3.37%
Demoine Kinney 15.97%
Will Wheeler 35.80%

District 57 – Democratic Primary
Lucas Atkinson 58.41%
Lee Jenkins 22.94%
Ryan Waller 18.65%

District 64 – Democratic Primary
Alexander Conyers 39.35%
Mitch Ellerby 8.72%
Robert Ridgeway (i) 51.93%

District 69 – Republican Primary
Ryan Holt 37.77%
Rick Quinn (i) 62.23%

District 71 – Republican Primary
Nathan Ballentine (i) 84.39%
Bill Malinowski 15.61%

District 77 – Democratic Primary
Raymond Mars 19.03%
Joe McEachern (i) 80.97%

District 79 – Democratic Primary [Runoff]
Monica Elkins 46.05%
Ivory Thigpen 46.74%
Vannie Williams 7.22%

District 80 – Democratic Primary
Jimmy Bales (i) 64.08%
Brian Burke 13.07%
Lawrence Moore 22.85%

District 81 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
Chris Austin 19.53%
Bart Blackwell 26.59%
Jeremy O’Donnell 11.30%
K T Ruthven 42.57%

District 85 – Republican Primary
Bryan Clifton 37.87%
Chip Huggins (i) 62.13%

District 88 – Republican Primary
David Busby 28.71%
Mac Toole (i) 71.29%

District 89 – Republican Primary
Bill Banning 20.63%
Micah Caskey 35.51%
Tem Miles 24.82%
Billy Oswald 19.04%

District 90 – Democratic Primary
Justin Bamberg (i) 77.74%
Evert Comer 22.26%

District 94 – Republican Primary
Katie Arrington 59.28%
Carroll Duncan 40.72%

District 95 – Democratic Primary
Jerry Govan (i) 72.96%
Kevin Ray 27.04%

District 96 – Republican Primary
Perry Finch 28.91%
Kit Spires (i) 71.09%

District 103 – Democratic Primary
Carl Anderson (i) 91.20%
Dewon Huggins 8.80%

District 110 – Republican Primary [Runoff]
William Cogswell 34.43%
Will Freeman 1.54%
Russell Guerard 25.94%
Trey Harrell 20.50%
Eddie Phipps 17.59%

District 112 – Republican Primary
Patrick Cloud 23.14%
Mike Sottile (i) 76.86%

District 116 – Democratic Primary
Robert L. Brown (i) 69.91%
Eric Mack 30.09%

District 116 – Republican Primary
Charles Glover 30.39%
Carroll O’Neal 69.61%

District 121 – Democratic Primary
Gary Holmes 40.97%
Michael Rivers 59.03%

District 122 – Democratic Primary [Runoff]
Bill Bower (i) 42.31%
Curtis Brantley 26.08%
John Polk 5.75%
Shedron Williams 25.86%

Top News Articles

Moped bill dies after Senate fails to take it up
An effort to have the legislature override a veto by Gov. Nikki Haley on a comprehensive moped safety bill came to an unceremonious end Wednesday, when the Senate adjourned without taking it up for a vote. Read more.

Four-way battle to dethrone Sen. Lee Bright triggers runoff
Sen. Lee Bright, R-Roebuck, took 38 percent of the vote in a heated four-way Republican primary. His nearest rival, attorney Scott Talley, trailed with 27 percent, according to unofficial results. Read more.

Supreme Court hears Wilson-Pascoe showdown
Attorney General Alan Wilson and 1st Circuit Solicitor David Pascoe will have their day in the South Carolina Supreme Court on Thursday, when they will attempt to settle a months-old debate around the state’s investigation into possible Statehouse corruption. Read more.
SC lawmakers approve two ethics reforms
SC lawmakers could no longer investigate themselves, and public officials soon could have to reveal their sources of private income. Read more.
SC Senate revives coyote-bounty program
The S.C. Senate revived a coyote-bounty program overriding Gov. Nikki Haley’s veto on Wednesday. Read more.

Gov. haley endorses Bright opponent in Senate runoff
S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is endorsing former state Rep. Scott Talley in his GOP runoff bid to unseat libertarian firebrand Lee Bright, R-Spartanburg. Read more.

‘Don’t forget these people,’ Haley says on Emanuel anniversary
In the same arena where the life of beloved pastor-senator the Rev. Clementa Pinckney was honored almost a year ago, hundreds came together Friday to remember Pinckney and the eight lives that were taken with his in the massacre at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church on June 17, 2015. Read more. 

Primary not over for two long-time GOP SC Senate leaders
The primary battle is not over for two long-time Republican state Senate leaders, and two other senators who are fighting for third terms. Read more.
Haley ousts 1 of 3 Senate leaders she targeted
SC Gov. Nikki Haley and her allies helped push one longtime S.C. Senate leader, Wes Hayes of Rock Hill, out of office in Tuesday’s Republican primaries. Read more.
SC police dash cam, FOIA bill dies in stalemate
Legislation to regulate the release of police dash cam video and to revise the state Freedom of Information Act has died after House and Senate negotiators could not agree to join the two bills Read more.

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