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"New requirement for organizations intending to operate under Section 501(c)(4): Submit Form 8976"

Tax Alert

July 19, 2016

On July 11th, the Internal Revenue Service issued an Exempt Organizations Update regarding a new requirement for organizations intending to operate under Section 501(c)(4).

It begins:

"New legislation enacted at the end of 2015 added section 506 to the Internal Revenue Code. Section 506 requires an organization to notify the IRS of its intent to operate as a section 501(c)(4) organization. The IRS has developed a new form – Form 8976 – that organizations should use to provide this notification."

The form applies to all organizations which operate or intend to operate as a 501(c)4. The one-time notification must be supplemented electronically. Click here for more information and to access the Form 8976 Electronic Notice Registration System.

Sue Odom is a tax attorney who focuses her practice on the area of ERISA, employee benefits, and executive compensation. Sue has worked extensively with all types of employer-sponsored retirement and welfare benefit plans, including pension, profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) plans, ESOPs, and health, accident, disability, Section 125, flexible spending, and other welfare plans.