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Minimizing tax liabilities

We have extensive experience in all facets of federal and state taxation.

Our tax team consists of business attorneys, litigators, and former IRS District Counsel.  Together, we help businesses and individuals understand and comply with complex tax rules and strategically plan to minimize their tax burdens.

Our highly trained tax attorneys include:

  • 10 attorneys with Masters of Laws degrees in taxation
  • Two Certified Public Accountants
  • Four attorneys who are Certified Specialists in Taxation in South Carolina
  • Two attorneys who are Certified Specialists in Estate Planning in South Carolina

A wide range of tax matters

Tax law touches virtually every transaction, person, and business, throughout our lives and at our deaths. Even organizations that are exempt from taxation, such as tax-qualified retirement plans, tax-exempt organizations, and governmental entities, must abide by tax law requirements to maintain their status.

Our tax attorneys are regularly engaged to:

  • Customize estate plans to the individual needs of clients and their family members across generations
  • Assist with administering estates and trusts
  • Advise companies on the adoption or maintenance of retirement and insurance plans for their employees
  • Design and implement executive compensation plans for key management and highly compensated employees
  • Help companies with business succession planning, corporate mergers and acquisitions, the maintenance of or conversion to Subchapter S corporation status, partnership allocations and the maintenance of capital accounts
  • Provide counsel on tax and information return filing requirements, the reporting of wages and other types of income, and withholding requirements