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Social Media Plays a Critical Role in How Businesses Engage

In today’s fast moving business environment, social media plays a critical role in how businesses engage with and attract new customers. While social media presents new and unique opportunities, business owners are often unaware of it's legal challenges and risks, including potential litigation, fines and/or penalties. When you rely on social media to promote products and/or services, you must be prepared to anticipate and respond to these challenges and risks.

We have a talented, entrepreneurial focused team to serve a diverse range of client needs – whether you are a brand, digital marketing agency or influencer.

What We Do

The implications of social media on businesses are wide ranging from intellectual property, employer-employee relations, privacy of users and employees, regulatory compliance with advertising and marketing standards, and so much more.  

Our experienced team can help clients:

  • Develop social media policies for work and non-work related activities
  • Draft or negotiate agreements between brands, agencies, influencers and bloggers
  • Intellectual property counseling and litigation
  • Consumer privacy and regulatory compliance for social media marketing campaigns
  • Craft effective litigation prevention strategies surrounding social media use
  • Support the development of communication response plans during social media crises
  • Advise on properly maintaining online reputation through trademarks
  • Crisis Management through NP Strategy