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Design Professionals

"We know how to design and execute reasonable practical solutions to design errors and omissions problems."

Construction is the execution of the designs of architects and engineers, to fulfill the owner’s vision. Nexsen Pruet attorneys have the knowledge and experience to express the intentions of these design professionals in agreements and other documents that define the relationships and duties of the design professionals and owners and facilitate the successful construction of the project.

Construction projects sometimes run so smoothly that the contract documents are the last involvement of legal professionals. But when they do not, we can assist in all aspects of resolution, from participation in voluntary dispute resolution, preparation of settlement agreements, investigation of claims, and representation of parties who find themselves in the middle of problems that may have no quick solutions.

Allegations of professional negligence or professional wrongdoing are serious matters requiring capable and experienced counsel who understand construction, professional liability, and dispute resolution. Nexsen Pruet attorneys have successfully represented design professionals in state and federal courts in North and South Carolina, and before their regulatory boards and agencies.

Unlike the “Us vs. Them” mentality attorneys sometimes exhibit when claims are made, construction lawyers generally see their work as problem solving. Lawyers of Nexsen Pruet work with our clients, whether owners, designers, or builders, to find sensible solutions to claims that arise from construction defects and design errors and omissions. We help narrow the issues to those that require a dispute resolution in arbitration or court, and we get them resolved.

You could say we know how to design and execute reasonable practical solutions to design errors and omissions problems.