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If it were easy, you wouldn't need us

Our antitrust litigation experience is deep and varied. We have worked with clients in a diverse array of industries, including, but not limited to, ocean shipping, rail freight, textiles, wood and forest products, pharmaceuticals, electronic products, outdoor advertising, health care, chemicals, trucking, petroleum, aerospace, food products, computer products, agricultural products, polyurethane foam, and firearms.

Our attorneys have handled a range of antitrust cases including:

  • Prosecution and settlement of antitrust claims on behalf of fifteen major companies (including Fortune 500 consumer products, food and retail companies, and diverse non-vessel operating common carriers) for damages caused by a six-year conspiracy to fix rates and surcharges on ocean shipping between the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  • Prosecution and settlement of antitrust claims on behalf of a large automobile manufacturer injured by a conspiracy of international roll-on/roll-off ocean carriers of vehicles to fix prices, rig bids, and allocate customers.
  • Prosecution and settlement of antitrust claims on behalf of 20 textile companies for damages caused by price-fixing and customer allocation by producers of polyester staple fiber.
  • Prosecution and settlement of antitrust claims for four family-owned bedding manufacturers in California, Georgia, and South Carolina injured by a conspiracy to fix the prices of polyurethane foam.
  • Prosecution and settlement of antitrust claims on behalf of a Missouri chemical systems company injured by a conspiracy to fix prices of urethane chemicals.
  • Prosecution and settlement of a certified class action for fixing prices for pulpwood timber in the Carolinas at artificially low levels.
  • Prosecution of action between large competitors involving monopolization, conspiracy, and boycott claims.
  • Defense of billion-dollar antitrust and Lanham Act claims brought by a chemical company against a herbicide producer.
  • Defense of multiple multi-billion dollar nationwide and statewide class actions against pharmaceutical companies for alleged price fixing conspiracies.
  • Defense of nationwide class action against oil companies for alleged conspiracy to impose tying and exclusive dealing agreements on independent station operators.
  • Defense of manufacturers and distributors arising out of distributor terminations.
  • Defense of semi-conductor company in criminal price-fixing matter.