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Webinar Series: Life Sciences with Nexsen Pruet

Wednesday, April 28

11:00 am - 11:45 am EDT

Nexsen Pruet's newest webinar series is focusing on Life Sciences companies in the Carolinas. These webinars will focus on various legal and regulatory issues that Life Sciences companies deal with on a daily basis. They are also designed to provide updates and strategies on how to deal with these issues. Please join us virtually on April 28th at 11 AM.

Session 2 | Onshoring of the Life Sciences Industry: Targeted Economic Development Strategies.

For decades, the manufacturing of life sciences products has been increasingly moving overseas while domestic consumption of these products has been similarly increasing. COVID-19 has intensely magnified supply-chain challenges for domestic producers as well as significant impediments to access for consumers. This seminar will highlight federal, state, and local economic development strategies developed to spark the onshoring and repatriation of the life sciences industry to the United States.


Tushar Chikhliker,


Nexsen Pruet

Sam Konduros,

President & CEO


Register here for Session 2.

Session 3 | Trade Secrets | May 2021 | Details to come. STAY TUNED!

Past Sessions:

Session 1 | Corporate Issues Affecting Life Sciences Companies (March 31st)