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Loparex LLC

Growing companies need to operate in locations that value their presence and the jobs they create.  Loparex LLC considered this in a relocation of its U.S. headquarters and a manufacturing expansion.


Loparex LLC is the US subsidiary of a leading international company.  This company makes release liners, which are the backings on self-adhesive nametags, cardiovascular test pads, and high-end graphics.  In addition, release liners are used in the manufacture of electronic and composites for use in the sporting goods and aerospace industries.  Because of the precise nature of these end uses, the company's products require highly technical manufacturing processes with very tight tolerances.

When Loparex considered the relocation of its U.S. headquarters and the location of a needed manufacturing expansion, the company came to Ernie Pearson, in Nexsen Pruet’s Raleigh office, a national leader in legal matters related to site selection projects. 

Mr. Pearson guided the company through an evaluation of all of its options for both facets of this project.  He negotiated a unique application of a state incentive program which considered both parts of the project together in calculating incentives, even though they were in different parts of North Carolina.  He also negotiated local incentive packages for the headquarters facility which relocated to Cary, NC and the manufacturing expansion which was undertaken in Eden, NC.

Because of the initial work Pearson did for Loparex, he has gone on to serve as General Counsel for the company’s U.S. operations and Nexsen Pruet has assisted the company on matters dealing with real estate issues, environmental regulations, employment and labor law concerns, immigration and visa work, OSHA compliance, general corporate matters, commercial contracts and others. 

Pearson said, “I am highly committed to serving my clients well.  It is pleasing to me when a client evidences its satisfaction by continuing to allow us to do work for them.”


“It is also very rewarding for me to know that I helped an excellent company bring jobs and opportunities to North Carolina.”