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Sally Rogers, Government Relations and Public Policy Attorney, Columbia Office

Rogers, Sally bio photo_NEWQ: What made you decide to come to Nexsen Pruet?
A: I had a conflict at my old firm with my biggest legislative client that we could not get cleared. So my choice was leaving my law firm or my biggest client, and I opted to keep my client.  One of the attorneys here had been doing a good deal of legal work for my client, and I thought it would be good to go to a firm already had a valued relationship with this client.
I was also friends with several attorneys at Nexsen Pruet and had a comfort level with the people here. I knew my client and I would be well-received and well-taken care of.
Nexsen Pruet also has an excellent reputation, and I wanted to be an associated with a firm like that. The firm is also committed to having a top-level government relations practice, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Q: How long have you been here now?
A: Almost two years.

Q: How did your transition go? 
A: Amazingly well. Could not have been better. Nexsen Pruet was wonderful in that the firm allowed me to bring my assistant, and that helped me tremendously, and now she supports the government relations practice as a whole.  She is very happy here, too!

Q: What surprised you about your transition?
A: Probably how easy it was. It took a conflict situation to get me in gear to make a change, but now I am so happy to be at Nexsen Pruet.

Q. What would you tell someone else who was considering a move to Nexsen Pruet?
A. Very seriously consider it. It was an excellent change for me. I think it is an outstanding firm, and I encourage an attorney considering a lateral change definitely to explore it.

Q. How has your transition impacted your client relationships?
A. It has impacted them positively. All my clients came with me to Nexsen Pruet, and they have all been happy with the firm.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like for people to know about the lateral experience at NP?
A: Overall, everything has worked very well. I am happier at work, and I’ve had many friends comment on that. It has been a good change for me all the way around.