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Mary Shahid, Environmental Attorney, Charleston office

Q: So Mary, you could’ve gone anywhere. What made you decide to come to Nexsen Pruet?
A: The personalities of the individual attorneys in the Charleston office, collegial climate, and business opportunities.

Shahid, Mary main bio photo
Q: How long have you been here now?
A: My how time flies! It’s been 2 years and 4 months.

Q: How did your transition go?
A: I felt my transition went very well. Nexsen Pruet knows how to welcome new lawyers and it’s really seamless. You are working one day somewhere else, and the next day here- there really isn’t much down time. You can hit the ground running.

Q: What surprised you about your transition?
A: I came from what I thought was one big firm to another big firm. But it’s turned out that this big firm is much more intense. The activity level here is very high. There are always emails for the good of the group, the sharing of information, lots of practice group activity, and just generally lots of activity up and down the hall. There are also many more client and office social activities here than I was used to. That’s not a negative- it’s a symptom of a high-functioning place.

The other thing that surprised me was the secretary to lawyer ratio. Where I came from the secretary to lawyer ratio was 1:2. Here, it is generally 1:4. That was unexpected, but it’s worked out fine.

Q. What would you tell someone else who was considering a move to Nexsen Pruet?
A. I would encourage it! I’ve been in touch with a number of people and encouraged them to come here. It’s a collaborative atmosphere, and there is a lot of sharing and distribution of good work, and I don’t see a downside.

Q. How has your transition impacted your client relationships?
A. I worked hard on that as I didn’t want to lose anyone in the transition. And I didn’t. No one left me, and I felt good about it.