Our Economic Development Group is well known in North Carolina and South Carolina for its experience assisting new and expanding businesses with capital projects in the Carolinas.

For more than 20 years, our attorneys have helped hundreds of companies, large and small, in establishing manufacturing, tourism, distribution, health care, corporate office and other commercial facilities.


We frequently handle incentives transactions, including:

  • Fee-in-lieu-of-tax arrangements
  • Special source revenue bonds/credits
  • Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
  • Tax advantaged/below market financing
  • Multi-county business/industrial parks
  • Jobs tax credits
  • Enterprise Zone/job development credits
  • Corporate headquarters and infrastructure tax credits
  • Employee training programs
  • Grant programs
  • Design/build lease financing
  • Equipment leases/synthetic leases
  • Tax abatements
  • Infrastructure commitments
  • Income allocation and apportionment contracts
  • Sales tax exemptions

International Clients

We have worked with companies from across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Brazil in the Americas, from China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Korea in Asia, and from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Slovenia in Europe.

Our Economic Development Group provides support to the companies' project coordinators and consultants in evaluating, negotiating and documenting economic development incentives offered by state and local governments, as well as providing guidance and input on all aspects of a site selection project. Nexsen Pruet also represents state and local governmental entities in economic development transactions and in development of new programs and legislation.

As part of our civic commitment to the growth and prosperity of our communities, we support state, regional and local economic development organizations. We also work to maintain relationships with appointed and elected officials, as those positions change over time.






  • The Buzz alum Jim Stritzinger is BACK to discuss rural broadband connectivity in South Carolina! You may remember him from an early Buzz episode (from July 2020), discussing his career in broadband mapping and outlining the finer points of South Carolina's 'digital divide,' along with what it would take to close that gap. Today, Jim is back in his new role as Director of the NEW South Carolina Broadband Office to discuss next steps - how is the state tackling broadband accessibility challenges? What infrastructure is in place, and what is being built to connect South Carolinians? What kind of money does that even take? Kara and guest host Tushar Chikhliker dive into all of that and MORE with Jim. Tune in!

  • DYK that some of the U.S. Navy's latest technology is being developed and implemented right here in South Carolina? The Palmetto Tech Bridge is linking innovative tech developers directly to our Lowcountry military operations. PTB Regional Director Michael Merriken explains more about the program, part of the South Carolina Research Authority umbrella. Find out more about that technology incubator-style operation - who they are, what they do, and how they're poised to change the future of military operations, right here in the Palmetto State! Tune in!

  • Workforce development is always a *hot* economic development topic - join us to learn more about what one technical college program is doing to fill that pipeline! Midlands Technical College Business Solutions Director Jeremy Catoe sat down with Kara and surprise guest host Tushar Chikhliker. We explore internships vs apprenticeships, the benefits of apprenticeships, and how MTC's program is working with students as early as their high school careers. Interested in hosting an apprenticeship, or know someone who may want to participate? Tune in and learn the ins and outs! 

  • Dr. Joseph Von Nessen is one of South Carolina's leading researching economists and, as he explains it, a specialist in "So What? Economics." As in, those numbers and data look great, but - so, what? Dr. JVN gets into the details of a recently published report on South Carolina's manufacturing sector, and why we (and all of us) should care. The report, published by the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance and SC Future Makers, provides a big-picture look at the $206 billion industry - and what the future of manufacturing in South Carolina may look like. Tune in to get the manufacturing scoop, and click here to find out more about the report.

  • Just before the 4th of July weekend, we sat down with Karen Riordan (MBACC President & CEO) to discuss the rebound in Myrtle Beach-area tourism and hospitality. DYK, Myrtle Beach was recently named a top U.S. travel destination? Plus, we got to discuss some emerging trends, like e-sports and gaming - bet you didn't expect us to go there! Tune in today.

  • This week, Kara & Burnie sat down with Mark Williams, an economic developer, site selection consultant, founder & president of Strategic Development Group, and now, an author! Mark gives his perspective on South Carolina's current econ dev landscape - from challenges to advantages, COVID recovery, and what sets S.C. apart from other states (+ more!). Listen in for some great insight from a site selector!

  • Our cup runneth over with excitement for this episode! We spoke with Chester County Economic Development Director Robert Long, CEcD, to get the scoop on the recent (6/15/21) E. & J. Gallo Wines location announcement! The $423 million investment will create nearly 500 jobs over the next eight years, a 'mega project,' indeed! We spoke to Robert about the recruitment and site selection process (and the SERIOUS teamwork involved), and much more. Tune in!

  • Newberry County has been on the up-and-up of economic activity over the past several years. We were lucky to catch up with Rick Farmer (Newbery County Economic Development Director) and chat more about local development tactics and news - setting up your county for success; nurturing existing industries and recruiting new ones; addressing community needs (like food deserts); and advice to another developer. 

  • The Charleston Regional Development Alliance is tackling a lot of major issues and trends in economic development, like onshoring/reshoring, electric vehicles and life sciences (to name a few). Burnie & Kara spoke with Mike Graney, CRDA's VP of Global Business Development, and Tushar Chikhliker, CRDA Board Member and head of Nexsen Pruet's Economic Development group, about this and more - including sustainable growth and workforce availability in the Lowcountry. Tune in!

  • The South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) is helping recruit and launch some of South Carolina's leading tech start-ups around the state. We spoke with SCRA Industry Manager Catherine Hayes and New Forge Technologies Co-Founder Javier Ortiz to learn more about SCRA's many programs - what they are, how they're mutually beneficial to existing industries and start-ups alike, and how innovations - like New Forge's augmented reality tech is changing the game for manufacturers. Tune in!

  • The Buzz is On The Road Again and Truckin' right along with another episode, where we sat down with South Carolina Trucking Association President & CEO Rick Todd. Logistics and supply chain movement remain critical to econ dev activity around South Carolina, especially with COVID-19 straining logistics capabilities. We discuss that, plus the state of S.C. roads (thank you, DOT!), plus training the next generation of trucking pros. And more! Check it out.

  • Burnie + Kara recently sat down with David Lockwood (Colliers International South Carolina) to discuss the status of commercial real estate in South Carolina. What are the major sector trends David is seeing? What has COVID recovery looked like? How was his latest run? (looking at you, F3ers!) We had fun with this interview, and know you'll enjoy it, so tune in! 

  • Food and beverage manufacturing is an economic development sub-sector that's taking off across the Carolinas, so Nexsen Pruet is diving deeper into the subject. Why is this taking off here, and why now? Attorneys John Skvarla (Raleigh) and Julie Medich (Charleston) join The Buzz to discuss trends they are seeing, as well as to highlight NP's upcoming Food & Beverage Friday Webinars. Both sessions are *free* and *virtual,* so anyone can join from anywhere (need we say more?). 

  • Shennice Cleckley is a small-business owner, SHE-EO, and mom, among MANY things. Recently, she spoke with Burnie and Kara about her role as a Google Digital Coach. In this position, she helps educate and equip South Carolina small business owners - especially minority business owners - with the *FREE* tools they can use to promote, grow and sustain their business. Looking for new customers? Don't know who your target customers are or should be? Shennice can help with that, and MUCH more. Listen to hear more, or visit Shennice online to register for a class.

  • In South Carolina, among many things, we love seeing our businesses thrive, and we love our beautiful outdoors. Ethel Bunch explains how Sustain South Carolina is the organization at the intersection of industry and conservation, bringing together Palmetto State business leaders to discuss, set, and achieve their sustainability goals. 

  • Business seems to have been BOOMING in Lancaster County as of late. So, what's the secret? We may not have gotten a magical recipe, but we did have a *golden* conversation with Jamie Gilbert. To what does the county attribute its success? How are they battling some of the emerging industry challenges? Listen in - it's always fun to catch up with Jamie.

  • This week, we're bringing the TAX FACTS. Specifically, property taxes. We spoke with Dr. Daphne Kenyon to get the details on the Lincoln Institute's recent report on the state of South Carolina. With a foreboding title ("A Deep Dive on South Carolina's Property Tax System: Complex, Inequitable and Uncompetitive"), Dr. Kenyon explains the key findings and what it really means. Commissioned by the South Carolina Chamber Foundation and South Carolina Realtors to better understand how the South Carolina property tax system could be improved. Buckle up, and tune in!

  • What exactly is the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness? We guarantee you've seen them, or maybe you know President & CEO Susie Shannon. Or, perhaps you've seen one of their several clusters (SC Aerospace, SC Logistics, Transform SC, SC Tech, or SC Fraunhofer USA Alliance). We deep dive with Susie about who is the Council - what they do, and how they do it. How does one organization advance the competitiveness of an entire state? Susie doesn't give away the secret sauce, but she does give us a great look behind the curtain. 

  • Nonwoven fabrics surround us every day - wipes, hygiene products, face masks. What are they? How are they made? Today, we sit down with David Rousse, President of INDA (Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry). Dave explains what nonwovens are - how they're made, material sourcing, how manufacturers have easily adjusted to nonwovens production and why the Carolinas (and the southeast) are a hotbed for manufacturers. Learn more about this industry, and how they're helping to safely and quickly create solutions for PPE manufacturing. Listen now!

  • It's been 8 months (!) since we've last spoken to SC Realtors CEO Nick Kremydas - and a lot has changed in that time. As COVID continues to play out, the Palmetto State's residential real estate industry has seen significant impacts. As Nick says, with high demand and very low inventory, it's truly a seller's market. 

  • Today, we're joined by SC Technical College System representatives Michelle Fehr and Karmen Hewitt to discusses the EZone (Enterprise Zone Retraining Program) retraining program. Did you know that your company could earn 67% back on expenses for tools and programs used to retain your employees? Are you taking advantage of available incentives? Tune in and find out more about EZone - what it is, who is applicable, how to apply and MUCH more! Listen in!

  • David Edwards, CEO of Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District, joins Kara & Burnie on #TheBuzz. Edwards details traffic levels, investment projects and hints at a major announcement coming soon! You don’t want to miss this!

  • The South Carolina legislature is back in session, and we needed a primer on key issues expected to be taken up. Nexsen Pruet Governmental Affairs Advisor Mark Harmon stepped in to brief us on key economic development issues, like Abandoned Buildings Tax Credit extensions, the state's Unemployment Fund, broadband accessibility, liability protections, and more. (And yes, this was filmed in advance, so these issues may have seen action since we recorded.) Listen and learn with us!

  • Inauguration Day calls for a special edition of #TheBuzz - today, we interview NP Strategy COO Amanda Loveday, a longtime South Carolina + Democratic politics pro to discuss her work alongside the Biden administration. She gives us a look behind the curtain at what to expect after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, and how his policies and relationships might impact the Palmetto State. Get an insiders' look with us before the inauguration!

  • What better way to kick off the new year than with something so near and dear to our hearts? That's right - we're talking TAX CREDITS with South Carolina Department of Revenue Tax Attorney Jerilynn VanStory. Jerilynn explains all aspects of job tax credits, especially in Tier 1 - 4 counties. How much are businesses eligible for? What do they mean? How do you even claim the credits? We review it all - listen in!

  • So you want to know about COVID-19 vaccines? Attorneys aren't usually ones to dole out free legal advice, but we sat down with Nexsen Pruet Employment & Labor Law chair David Dubberly to discuss employer and employee rights. Of course, South Carolina is an at-will state, but how does that play a part in vaccination recommendations, proof of COVID-19 testing/vaccines, or employee opt-outs? What role do liability protections play in all of this? We dive into all that - and more - with David on this episode of The Buzz!

  • Railroads: the logistics and supply-chain giant, particularly critical across the Carolinas. For many companies and site selection professionals, access to rail is a must; but, rail as we know it is evolving. Enter Scott Saylor, former president of the North Carolina Railroad Company and current Nexsen Pruet Of Counsel. An expert on rail in the region, Scott built his career in the industry over several decades - and is here to update Buzz listeners on all things rail (types, infrastructure, major players, role in economic development, etc.). Listen in for a lesson on Railroads 101!

  • This might be the best trivia episode of The Buzz, ever. Calling all film buffs: test your knowledge of movies shot around the Palmetto State! Or, do you know the film industry's economic impact on the state? We also get into incentives (of course), how COVID-19 has impacted movie and television sets, (several) Burnie anecdotes, and much more. Tune in to the latest episode now! We promise you'll enjoy it.

  • Confidentiality is a big part of economic development projects - but so, too, is transparency (at least when it comes to governing bodies and government entities). Enter the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. We called in a FOIA expert - attorney Jay Bender - to explain the ins-and-outs of FOI. What exemptions apply to economic developers? Who does FOIA apply to? Jay Bender lays down the facts in this episode - listen now!

  • On today's episode, Kara and Burnie spoke to the good doctor: Dr. Matt Martin of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. We spoke up and down about the economy - how COVID has impacted certain sectors (and how they have or have not bounced back), how that will have a ripple effect on real estate markets, and how manufacturing and workforce retention are also affected. You don't have to be an economics major to track this one - Matt makes it easy (and, honestly, kind of uplifting). Listen now, and learn something new!

  • Our latest guest has traded her frequent flyer miles for Zoom credits, but she's working as hard as ever to facilitate international trade in the Palmetto State. S.C. Department of Commerce's Anita Patel, Deputy Director of International Strategy and Trade Division, walks us through her day-to-day - under normal circumstances AND since adjusting to COVID-19 procedures. For South Carolina manufacturers looking to export products to international markets, Anita is your go-to. How does Commerce support companies through the export process, or target market growth? Anita walks us through it - tune in to learn more!

  • You may know him for his dad jokes on social media- President and CEO of Economic Development Partnership, Will Williams talks about the post COVID economy and new investment on the latest episode of #TheBuzz. 

  • Boeing is the buzzword this week in economic development. You’ve seen the announcement in the news, but today we get a behind the scenes look from an elected official who has been close to the discussions between Boeing and South Carolina. Listen to learn more about Boeing’s decision to consolidate the production of its 787 Dreamliner in the Palmetto State.

  • Foreign Trade Zones (or, FTZ's as they are affectionately known) are a huge buzzword in econ dev. Whether it's the site selection process, incentives, manufacturing or imports/exports, there's a lot to unpack on the subject. So, we sat down with Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation Founder & Vice President Greg Jones to get into the nitty-gritty (but not too nitty-gritty, the just-right level of nitty-gritty). What even are FTZ's? How can they benefit your company, or a company looking to invest in your region? What are the limitations of the program? How does one even apply? We'll give you the skinny in under 23 minutes. Tune in!

  • We had the honor of being escorted in episode 28 by a real pro - a pro's pro, if you will - North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA) Executive Director Jeff McKay! If you don't know, Jeff has been with NESA for nearly 15 years, making him a NESA savant, if you will. We talked to Jeff about lots of #econdev topics on the local and regional level, like site selection processes, project involvement, and how COVID has impacted it all. We also discussed the Dillon Inland Port, and its tremendous impact on Jeff's region (ports are just for seafaring folks anymore).  Hear more about local development from a longtime pro - and an all-around great guy - listen now!

  • So, what exactly is EXIM Bank? What do they do and who do they help? You may have heard a lot about them, but now you can hear from them - Burnie and Kara interview Eastern Region Managing Director Sharyn Koenig all about EXIM's presence in S.C., and how our companies can benefit from EXIM. No, they're not just for the 'big boys' of business. Listen now!

  • Burnie and Kara had the pleasure to speak with South Carolina Department of Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers on the heels of a huge agribusiness announcement (Agriculture Technology Campus) in Hampton County. We discussed a lot about that project - what went into it (years of research and planning), how it became a reality, and what it means for the future of agribusiness in S.C. We also discussed SCDA's ACRE program, its farm-to-food bank initiative, and MUCH more. Tune in!

  • Southern Current's Bret Sowers (VP of Development + Strategy) was positively beaming about solar energy in this episode of The Buzz. The discussion was illuminating - Burnie, Kara and Bret (& Bret's cat) discussed everything about the industry (taxes, tax credits, incentives, residential vs corporate and a lot more). Burnie beamed at the subject, Kara shined, and Bret brightened our day. If you had any questions about South Carolina's solar industry, we're certain this episode covers it - listen in!

  • Burnie and Kara brought in Rich Fletcher (President & CEO, I-77 Alliance) to break in the new studio - can't you just hear the difference?? The trio get into the latest in the I-77 Alliance region: the Fairfield County megasite, possibilities of reshoring, and how Charlotte is our friend - not a cross-state rival. Anyone else feel that *buzz* in the air? That's football season trying to work its way back. Yes, we got into the Carolina Panthers development, which is basically our version of Hard Knocks. All that, and much more. Give it a listen!

  • On our latest episode of The Buzz, we're talking about all things apprenticeship - they've become a widely successful tool in developing South Carolina's workforce, and introducing young people to career opportunities they may never have had exposure to otherwise. Kara and Burnie sit down with Amy Firestone, Vice President of Apprenticeship Carolina, to discuss the programs available. We discuss apprenticeship eligibility, how companies can get involved, and how COVID-19 has adjusted the apprenticeship process. Listen in for that and much more!

  • Economic developers will be the first to tell you - their work means nothing without a workforce. While COVID-19 has caused record unemployment numbers in South Carolina, it's also a huge hiring opportunity for companies looking to build their workforce. So today, Burnie and Kara spoke with South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) Chief of Staff Jamie Suber abut life at the agency - what are they seeing and doing day to day? How did they adjust (basically immediately) to respond to the pandemic? What unemployment trends are they seeing? Plus much, much more. Tune in!

  • Today, we dive a little deeper with our hosts - that's right - Kara and Burnie go one-on-one in Episode 21. Kara (a former journalist - and it shows!) finds out what makes Burnie tick (don't we all want to know??). We talk about Burnie's background, his professional experiences, and a little bit about how he's become the Burnie Maybank we all know and love. Take a walk down Maybank Highway Lane with us for a a little fun.

  • Burnie and Kara get into some GOOD NEWS with Dorchester County Economic Development Director John Truluck. We discuss the the details of Dorchester Co.'s recent Walmart announcement (a major win), opportunity zones, COVID-19, re-shoring, honey harvests and a little reality television. Never a dull moment over here. Listen now!

  • For episode 19, Kara and Burnie sat down with Jim Stritzinger (Revolution D, Inc. Founder, President & CEO), an expert in rural broadband infrastructure development and deployment. You may have heard him referred to as "Mr. Broadband;" he's been in the industry for decades, but is working double-time trying to get South Carolina connected. We discuss how S.C. is deploying rural broadband, how the allocated CARES Act funds come into play (and how far they'll really get us), what exactly defines 'high-speed internet,' and much more. Listen now!

  • Kara and Burnie sit down with South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis about all things budgets - how he has saved South Carolina and South Carolinians, alike, huge amounts of money. We discuss COVID's impact on the state's budget, revenue, small businesses and much more (Treasurer Loftis brought the jokes). Listen now!

  • Our dynamic co-hosting duo sit down with Swati Patel, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce EVP of Public Policy, Of Counsel, and Chamber Foundation President. We did not ask her about having the longest title(s) of any of our guests to date. We did ask her about the Chamber's public policy priorities (notably, liability protections), and where they stand with the legislature. We also discuss broadband, essential workers, and how legislation gets passed. 

  • This week, Burnie +  Kara sat down with SC Technical College System President Dr. Tim Hardee for an update on higher education and workforce development in the Palmetto State. We discuss everything from how students are retooling due to the pandemic, to how the technical college system is adjusting its approach for students, to workforce development programs like readySC and SC WINS - and MUCH more! Listen now.

  • Burnie and Kara sit down with Nick Kremydas, CEO of the South Carolina Association of Realtors, and discuss all things real estate: taxes, trends (residential and commercial), local legislation, COVID-19 impact, pandemic response + adjustments, and MUCH more. Stream this episode to hear the latest on real estate around South Carolina.

  • Need a legislative primer? We did, too. South Carolina's 2020 legislative session was anything but normal, so cue veteran lobbyist (and renowned tennis phenom) Sunnie Harmon to catch us up to speed. She spoke to Kara and Burnie about what the legislature accomplished before its unusually early sine die, what we can (or might) expect from the legislature when they return to Columbia, and how COVID-19 has changed the way business is done around the state house. Check out that - and MUCH more - on this episode of The Buzz!

  • Kara and Burnie chat with John Lummus, leader of Upstate SC Alliance, a regional alliance based in - you guessed it - the Upstate. Representing 10 counties, John and his team have their fingers on the pulse of quite a bit of economic development action. Check out our interview with John, where the trio discuss hot topics like reshoring, COVID-19's impact on Upstate businesses, tax revenue projections, addressing workforce shortage, and some of the things Upstate SC Alliance has on their radar for the next 20 years.. All that and MUCH more on this episode of The Buzz!

  • **Producer's note: this interview was done before Governor McMaster's announcement reopening attractions on 5/20/20, so some conversations may be out of date** Burnie and Kara interview Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President + CEO Karen Riordan for a business update from the Grand Strand. The trio discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Myrtle Beach businesses, how they plan to bounce back, and how we might expect the city to reopen. Join us for that, and MUCH more, with Karen Riordan!

  • Burnie and Kara catch up with a friend abroad - United States Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein Ed McMullen. Ed, a South Carolina local, began working with the Trump administration during the 2016 election as the Trump campaign lead in the Palmetto State. The trio chat about the impact of COVID-19 on Switzerland and, more broadly, Europe, as well as the status of international countries reopening for business and tourism. Burnie was also curious about what European businesses really think about American closures and precautions due to COVID-19, and how it could impact the possibility of re-shoring, especially in South Carolina. Tune in for all that, plus MUCH more - this was a fun one!

  • Burnie and Kara sat down with Lilyn Hester, the Head of Southeast Public Affairs for tech giant Google. Lilyn - and Google - are no strangers to South Carolina. They've been a community partner in the Lowcountry for over a decade, and Lilyn and her team have gotten ahead of issues like lack of access to rural broadband or basic health care. Lilyn explains the innovative ways Google has been serving the greater-Berkeley County community,  and much more..

  • Kara & Burnie sat down with Jonathan Yarborough, who oversees government affairs and economic development for Dominion Energy, one of South Carolina's largest energy providers. Prior to going in-house with Dominion, Jonathan began his econ dev career with the S.C. Department of Commerce; he's also no stranger to the famed Edisto Honey Harvests.. Listen in as the trio talk all things energy, Dominion's COVID-19 response, community involvement and giving, plus MUCH more!

  • Burnie + Kara spoke with Barbara Melvin, Chief Operating Officer for South Carolina Ports, about the impact of COVID-19 on global trade and supply chain, as well as the local impact on all ports in the Palmetto State. They also look beyond coronavirus, discussing the port's long-term expansion and investment plans (like the Leatherman Terminal & Jasper Ocean Terminal projects), and much, much more.

  • Burnie & Kara caught up with South Carolina Chamber of Commerce President + CEO Ted Pitts on a number of things about the impact of COVID-19 on South Carolina's economy and getting the Palmetto state back to work. We spoke about the impact of the shutdowns (from schools to businesses, was it worth it, from a business perspective?), how we get the state's economy moving again, his involvement in the Accelerate SC task force, and more. 

  • Burnie and Kara dive into a local developer's perspective in Episode 6 with Gregg Robinson, Executive Director at Orangeburg County Development Commission. AND - we're joined by special guests Mike Newman with QM Group and Robert Ferguson with ExxonMobil, sharing how QM is adjusting production to combat COVID-19 and announcing a new partnership with ExxonMobil. 

  • Burnie and Kara chat with SC Manufacturers Alliance President and CEO Sara Hazzard about the manufacturing industry - one of South Carolina's largest industries - and what the organization is doing during COVID-19. They cover everything from what SCMA is hearing from its member companies, to restarting South Carolina's 'economic engine.' Sara was also recently named to the accelerateSC advisory committee - we cover that, and a LOT more.

  • Kara and Burnie catch up with SC Power Team President & CEO James Chavez about how he serves South Carolina's electric cooperatives, and the special role his team plays in the Palmetto State economic development landscape. They chat about the impact of COVID-19, how SC's economy can bounce back, and MORE!

  • Kara and Burnie catch up with SCEDA President Andrena Powell-Baker (Lockhart Power) and Incoming President Richard Blackwell (Agracel, Inc.) to discuss what the state's largest economic development professional association is seeing right now - from COVID-19 impact and response to rural broadband, and more.

  • Kara and Burnie talk BEES, plus a few things that make Nephron kind of unique. Interview with Nephron Pharmaceuticals President & CEO Lou Kennedy talking pre-coronavirus investments and production, Nephron's teacher-hire program, adjusting production for COVID-19 response, advice for companies looking to make adjustments, U.S. vs. overseas pharmaceutical production, importance of investing in health/life sciences and rural broadband.

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