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"South Carolina State Tax Traps and Pitfalls"

South Carolina Lawyer

Nexsen Pruet attorneys Burnie Maybank and Franklin Daniels, along with former law clerk Cashida Okeke, co-authored an article entitled "South Carolina State Tax Traps And Pitfalls" for South Carolina Lawyer magazine.

The piece identifies nine "traps and pitfalls" and offers solutions for business leaders and professionals.

  • Individual Liability for Unpaid Sales Taxes
  • Hidden Tax Liens?
  • You Have to Withhold on Payments to Non-Resident Contractors?
  • A Single Member LLC is not Regarded as an Entity Separate from its Owner?
  • You Can Owe Sales Taxes on the Sale of a Business?
  • (Non-Exempt) Tenants Who Lease from Exempt Landlords May Be Subject to Property Taxes?
  • Litigation Proceeds are Subject to Sales Taxes?
  • Your House Has Drastically Declined in Value—and You Can’t Appeal the Assessment?

The article begins:

While our state tax code is not nearly as byzantine and complex as the Internal Revenue Code, it does contain its share of pitfalls and traps for the unwary. The purpose of this article is to point out some of the more common problems, along with solutions (where such exist).

Read more of "South Carolina State Tax Traps And Pitfalls" from South Carolina Lawyer.

Maybank, Daniels and Okeke ended the article by offering thanks to "John McCormack, Ricky Taylor, Jerilynn VanStory, Deana West, Cherie Blackburn and Rick Handel, who proofed (in whole or part) this article."