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Tim St.Clair, Intellectual Property and IP Litigation, Greenville Office

St.Clair, Tim main bio photoQ. Tim, you could’ve gone anywhere. What made you decide to come to Nexsen Pruet?
A: I think it was a combination of factors, as it probably would be for anyone. Nexsen Pruet had distinguished itself in many respects over many years, and I had seen that from the outside. I knew they had a sophisticated business practice, and I knew they were pursuing growth in that practice.  And I knew that they had a very, very good practice platform for their clients.

I also perceived that they were a happy shop. You know, I’m not a busybody, but I pick up nuggets of information along the way, and the nuggets I had picked up over the years about NP were all good. Great people, great lawyers, great practice, great clients.  And I didn’t see any telltale signs of problems. For example, I didn’t see people leaving NP either at the attorney or staff levels. Particularly over the last five years when the economy has been challenged, you often see that with law firms- even with good law firms- and so that was one factor. People like NP and they stay here. I value a happy, healthy, business-like, enjoyable atmosphere. So that perception has turned out to be correct – this is a happy shop 

Q: How long have you been here now?
A: Next Tuesday will be my six-month anniversary.

Q: How did your transition go?
A: The transition went perfectly. It was a completely smooth landing. I think the firm, on any number of different levels, in any number of different areas, went out of its way to make my transition seamless. Whether it’s from the perspective of client transition, staff support, IT, and HR, everything was up, ready, and waiting for me from minute one.

I have a funny story about that. When I was making the actual physical transition, a staff person at NP kept wanting to know exactly when I would hit the door of the Greenville office. I had so much going on that day that I wondered why it was important to her when I’d arrive. Little did I know she had a staff member literally standing by for me at the front desk to walk me to my office, log me into my computer, make sure I could access email, see my contacts, record my voicemail greeting, and never miss a step.

Q:  What surprised you about your transition?  
A: I so quickly concluded that I have really should’ve done this sooner.  The opportunities here are top tier.

Q: What would you tell someone else who was considering a move to Nexsen Pruet?
A: Looking at it from two different angles, I’d tell them that we are in a service profession, and the range and depth of services for which the law firm has capability can’t be beat.  For business clients- from sole proprietors to small closely-held companies to Fortune 100 clients- our demonstrated capability is outstanding.  

From a personal perspective, the practice of law requires a lot of lawyers, and I believe that on an hour-by-hour and day-by-day basis, those requirements should be met in a pleasant, productive, open, and supportive environment. I can confirm we have that here.  

The practice requires seriousness. If someone is serious about moving, they owe it to themselves to give us a good strong look.

Q: How has your move impacted your client relationships?
A: One of the key factors in my move was that I needed the resources and support for my clients. I needed a bandwidth of capabilities for my clients and I felt like there were few other firms that could match what NP could do for my clients.  After 30 years of practice, it’s in my DNA that this is a service profession, and I needed to help my clients access those capabilities, support, and resources.

I believe from the perspective of my clients, my transition has been seamless. I think my clients are very attentive to those sorts of issues and care that there not be any gap in their representation. With that measurement, clients have been very, very satisfied with my transition. I think they feel like it was grade A, tip-top.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like for people to know about the lateral experience at NP?
A: I know attorneys are generally risk-averse. We are going to measure all the angles, and then measure again. This firm invites the measurement. We know you’re going to measure the step several times before you take it.  Bring it.